We’ve all been there. It’s 2am and you’re scrolling through Facebook. All of a sudden you see this gorgeous dress for only $5. What? That dress can’t be $5! I’d pay more for that at Walmart. Alas, you click the link and you’re taken to Wish.com, and your world is forever changed.

Things we’ve noticed: there’s no easy way to tell if what your ordering is going to be what you expect. There’s no page for the “top 10 Wish.com items.” Or a list of favourite stores. In the world of Buzzfeed, Reddit and Tumblr, somehow this is not easily found. Well friends, here we are, your own personal Wish.com shoppers. Are you wondering whether that $5 dress is as gorgeous as the picture makes it look? We’re here to find out.

Curvy Girl
Cass Elle