I Got Tired of Waiting.

So, waiting for Wish items has been a challenge. Spring is also a challenge, as we all crawl out of our Canadian igloos into sun. Spring is a short lived season, and a harsh reminder that I haven’t gone running in six months. I might have got an adrenaline high off my workout Saturday night, and made a bad. I invested in a teatox.


Now, I’m not endorsing a teatox, or even assuming it will cause me to lose weight. The brand I’ve purchased from, Skinny Teatox, is a Canadian brand, from where I’ve ordered before. Whether their teas help me tone up or not, they are absolutely delicious. I already live a relatively healthy lifestyle, and seem to always order teas from Skinny Teatox in April, when I’m getting back in the swing of my workouts, so I guess you could say I’ve had results?


Essentially, if you love tea, try their stuff. Their morning energy tea (original teatox) really does give you a little boost, as does the chocolate energy tea (though, I wasn’t particularly a fan of that tea, but I like my chocolate in bar form, melting in my mouth).


What is it: This is the mint version of their 28 day cleanse. I bought two this time around, since there was a flash sale on the day I purchased, and I’m demanding that Curvy Girl drink tea and join me in my physical torture. 
What I notice: It’s mint flavoured, and it’s tea, I don’t know what else to say. I’ve only order their original teatox before, so I thought I’d change it up and try their mint. If you are interested, they do offer a ‘starter’ kit as well, which includes a tea steeper, and their chocolate tea. All of their teas are loose leaf (yay), aside from their evening cleanse tea, which is bagged, likely for portion control, as it’s a diuretic tea. I find I need the evening tea every three or four days, opposed to every other day, or else I get bad cramping. It does leave extra evening teas in the routine, which I don’t necessarily mind though, as I haveg a lot of allergies which can be hard to avoid, and the tea really does do a good job of cleaning you out, as it were. 
Hopes and dreams: To be honest, I’m not a big herbal tea person, but I do like mint tea more than other herbals. While the original teatox flavour is enjoyable, I’d much rather a cup of coffee or strong steeped black in the morning, so hopefully tossing up what I usually do with a mint will keep me on track with a bigger smile.
Order total: $70
Order date: April 22nd, 2017
Expected arrival: April 25th, 2017


What is it: A silicone strawberry shaped loose leaf tea steeper.
What I notice: It’s adorable, it’s a strawberry shape, it’s big enough to hold one cup of teas worth of leaves .. not sure what else to say. I bought this for Curvy Girl, despite not needing another tea steeper in the house. 
Hopes and dreams: I do have the Mana-tea steeper from Skinny Teatox, so I’m assuming this will be of the same quality, and that’s essentially my hopes and dreams for this item. It’s hard to go wrong with a tea steeper.
Order total: $4
Order date: April 22nd, 2017
Expected arrival: April 25th, 2017


What is it: Affectionately called ‘Glow With Me’, it’s a loose leaf tea designed to help clear up skin.
What I notice: The ingredients are legit. All of the herbs in this tea are used to help combat redness in the skin, and to bring down inflammation, and pull toxins out. The combination also looks like it’ll taste nice together. Regardless of effect, this tea will likely be a win for a nice cup before bed. 
Hopes and dreams: Curvy Girl is convinced she has the worst skin on the planet. I’m jealous of her dedication to her facial routine day in and day out, because I don’t have that kind of love and dedication to ANYTHING. That being said, we both have very sensitive skin. While she battles her facial demons, I battle the early stages of rosacea, and contact dermatitis when my allergies flare up. This tea is really going to be tested. I likely should have ordered more, considering we’re both going to be drinking it, but it does ship quickly, so I’m not too upset.
Order total: $15
Order date: April 22nd, 2017
Expected arrival: April 25th, 2017


What is it: Affectionately called ‘Bounce With Me Tea’, it’s designed to, uh, well, enhance breasts. 
What I notice: The ingredient list isn’t as detailed at the clear skin tea. It tells you what’s in the tea, but it doesn’t tell you why. It does have wild yams though, and I did chuckle to myself when thinking of Frankie’s yam lube, from Grace and Frankie, and made the ridiculous and impulsive decision to purchase this tea.
Hopes and dreams: I don’t know why I bought this tea, so I don’t possibly know what my hopes and dreams are. On the weekend, I went hunting for new sports bras, and couldn’t find anything small enough for my bust line, but comfortable enough to hold the girls in, so this was potentially a dumb purchase. I’m mostly curious how some herbs could specifically target breast tissue. I will be doing 100% dedication to drinking this every day, and chronicling it, so stay tuned.
Order total: $8
Order date: April 22nd, 2017
Expected arrival: April 25th, 2017


WISH UPDATE: I promise I haven’t given up. As of right now, I’ve had two Wish items arrive, both of them early. I’m working on review posts of them, yes, however, if nothing else arrives in the next two weeks, I’m back to square one for content, because I’ve gain a little control of myself, and I’m hesitant to make new orders, with no current results.
In the meantime, I’ll be occupy myself with some new tea, and be happy.

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