The final backlog ..

I have FINALLY reached the end of all of the things that I purchased before really launching things here. These last three items are my last outstanding purchases that I haven’t written about, which does make me a little sad. I’ve had ONE item come in (review post is pending), which has left me a little frazzled. On one hand, it’s partly my fault. Things are being delayed for me due to a postal code error, which was corrected for this order, so hopefully I won’t have such crazy delays for this order.

What is it: A simple collar-less blouse. I ordered the medium, in grey.
What I notice: This is going to be see through. I don’t think it matter what colour I ordered it in, it will be so thin I will see my belly button. Did this stop me? No, not at all. I have a few tops like this for work, in varying materials, and love them for a more casual day to wear with jeans. 
Hopes and dreams: I’m nervous for this shirt because of the sleeves. I love a sleeve that has the option to roll and pin up, but they can sometimes be constricting and tight on my arms, or uncomfortable in the elbow if not put together properly. I think no matter how see-through, I’ll love it (even though some of the reviewers didn’t seem to feel this way), provided my arms fit!
Order total: $7
Order date: March 25th, 2017
Expected arrival: April 25th, 2017

What is it: This is a short ‘ruched’ skirt. I ordered this in the wine red, in medium.
What I notice: This comes in approximately one hundred colours. Provided it’s not too short, this could be ordered again, and be quite the staple in my wardrobe. I had a black skirt identical to this for many, many years, and I literally wore it threadbare, so it would be nice to put it back into my collection again.
Hopes and dreams: The title makes me laugh, a lot. The titles are a big part of what I love about Wish. I just want the skirt to be ruched like the photo, not pleated, and I’d like it to be a skirt, not a skort. There are a lot of happy people who have received this product, and I’m looking forward to contributing to that group.
Order total: $3 + shipping
Order date: March 25th, 2017
Expected arrival: April 21st, 2017

What is it: This is a wig. A very long wing. I ordered the ‘beige’. 
What I notice: This is literally everything my hair is not, colour wise, which is awesome. It’s fun, and different, and something I could dress up on a night out with friends. The reviews were a little weird when I purchased it, some people felt it was too long, other’s not long enough .. It’s supposed to be 80cm, maybe some people have different definitions of a measurement, but we’ll see when it arrives. 
Hopes and dreams: This was a little off colour (literally) for me. When I was a platinum blonde, I had a collection of wigs and extensions, which was necessary, bleach ruins your hair. I’ve been back to my red for many, many years, and have long flowing mermaid tresses. So why? Basically, I would love to be platinum again, but I’m not willing to sacrifice my length. The blue and green is just fun, and lovely, and I could see myself actually wearing this out. That being said, it is synthetic, so I’m not super concerned with the quality necessarily, provided it’s made well and doesn’t shed when you look at it.
Order total: $12.35 + shipping
Order date: March 25th, 2017
Expected arrival: April 22nd, 2017

Shipping total, $10.

If any of this order arrives before any of my previously ordered items, I would almost not be surprised, considering I really screwed up with my postal code. I’m quite literally on pins and needles when I go home every day, to see if something has arrived. My first arrival, while exciting, was something small, so hopefully I have a fun clothing item soon!!

~Cass Elle

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