Well, it happened.

Charcoal deep cleaning masks.
I keep seeing all the videos, from professional beauty gurus to the average consumer. These masks look equal parts cleansing, painful, disgusting and hilarious. These masks were one of the big draws to wish.com for me. It seems like a great item to pull out on a girls sleep over. Worst case scenario, we rip off an old layer of skin, and it hurts and everyone cries, but best case, it’s one of the most refreshing and lovely, cleansing masks imaginable.

When one of these masks popped up in my Deal Dash, I couldn’t resist. And for only $3? How could I possibly resist! But, as I went to prepare my “One Size, Fits All” post, I discovered the nightmare.


It’s still in my order history, but I can no longer access the product page. Which is incredibly awkward, and a little concerning. Will the mask actually show up? Is this my first scam product?

 It’s fair to mention, a lot of these masks I click on are completely sold out. The stores offering them are having trouble keeping them in stock, because people are snapping them up like hot cakes due to their current popularity.
The store in question is also still in existence, and has a relatively high rating. Their low ratings seem to be that the items take a long time to receive, or items haven’t been received(which could just be items that are still yet to arrive).

It’s supposed to arrive April 20th, so I guess we’ll find out!

~ Cass Elle

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