A Hairy Order.


Is there nothing on Wish.com I can’t find!? Seriously. Sometimes I get bored of my hair….I mean, it’s nice but sometimes I just feel like shaking things up. I don’t own any extensions or wigs right now. Maybe it is time to start a collection?

Item #1: The Best Wedding hairstyle Curly Wave Clip in Hair extensions hair wigs



What is it: Like a clip-in hair extension thingo….

What I notice: It isn’t a set of clip ins – it is basically one panel of hair that you clip into the back of your head. You’re not going to get the same realistic and seamless look with this product. You’re going to have to style your hair to match this product. It isn’t real hair, so it might not look as real as other, more expensive extension options. But, it might be a good item to help me mix up my style a little. I ordered it in the black. The colors are all very basic, and there aren’t many to choose from. Undertones may be an issue here since my hair has a blue-ish undertone right now. 

Hopes and dreams: As with most wish products, there are lots of reviews, but it is very difficult to navigate through them. There are no real pictures of people wearing the product in the review section. But realistically, what is the worst that could happen here? It’s fake hair. I have my real hair to fall back on. At least I don’t have to worry about boob room with hair extensions.

Order total: $7 +shipping 

Order date: March 17, 2017

Expected arrival: April 14, 2015

Item #2: Neverland Women’s Fashion Silver Gray Ombre Color Curly Straight Clip on Hair Extensions Ponytail Hairpieces Hair Tail


What is it: Similar to the above, it is a panel of clip in fake hair. 

What I notice:  This product has more clips at the base of the hair. This is good. However, it does look very plastic-y to me. I ordered the lighter grey curly option (I have naturally curly hair). The darker grey is definitely more realistic, but I would like to see how the lighter grey ends up looking. Very obvious this isn’t real hair and when I wear it, I assume it will be obvious to everyone else. Wow, I’m really positive right!?

Hopes and dreams:  I have always wanted grey hair. I know it is trendy and trends die (bla bla bla) but I love the look. However, I don’t want to totally commit to dying my hair grey, and it would be an expensive and horrendous process to get my hair there. This is a second best. I just want to see how it would look on me…take some selfies….wear it to work once or twice. Again, it looks fake. But, who cares?

Order total: $13 + shipping

Order date: March 17, 2017

Expected arrival: April 14, 2017

I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately…but I have some exciting things coming! I’m super excited to get these hair pieces on my head and to show you the results….order still isn’t here…but there’s still two weeks! One thing I noticed: these items shipped fast and there is a lot of shipping updates when you press “track package.” I think this is a good sign…

~Curvy Girl

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