FEATURE ALERT: Buy With Other Shoppers 

On my way to work, I accidentally noticed the new feature. I was just checking to see if the hourly deal was something fun or exciting, and I my Uber hit a speed bump the wrong way, and I tapped my screen. Buy with Theo. Figured it was something to do with my hourly deal, and didn’t think anything of it. Fast forward to this afternoon, taking a moment away from my desk, for myself, scrolling through my deal dash, and there it is again, accept now I’m being matched up with two people, and I have to choose who I want to purchase with. Who knew quilting could be so cut throat?


Enter a newly introduced feature to wish.com, Buy With Other Shoppers. To further incentivize you to purchase, you are now offered the options of buying an item along with someone else in order to get a deal. Just like the Deal Dash, and hourly offers, you’re given a varying time constraint as to when you’ve got to hit that buy button, and then again when you process your cart. I haven’t located any deals that are absolutely insane, it seems to be a couple dollars give or take. Depending on what you’re buying, this could offset your shipping cost, which is nice. I really need to stick to my guns, and not buy anything else until at least ONE item shows up, so I might have to poke Curvy Girl into using and figuring out this feature.

Though, if something has finally arrived tonight, I just might be able to update you all on how this feature works! 🙂


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