I Made A HUGE Mistake

Yes, I ordered more things. That is not the mistake I’ve made though.

The arrival dates of my first two orders were a Saturday and Sunday, respectively. I have a feeling that my parcels aren’t coming by FedEx or UPS, and Canada Post does not deliver on weekends, so on Friday I was eager and excited that at least one of my items would be waiting for me. I’ve been especially anxious since Curvy Girl received an item last week, much earlier than expected.

Much to my dismay, nothing was waiting for me. Slightly frustrated, I checked my order details again, just to make sure everything was correct. Turns out, when I lazily let the app autofill my address, it for some reason filled in the postal code of my work, not my apartment. So, while all my apartment information is correct, the postal code is not.

My orders, now say this;


Word on the street with Wish is that there may is a 5 business day delay. Either it’s been realized the postal code is incorrect somewhere in the system, and Canada Post will deal with it, or this is a default message when something is a little behind schedule.

It’s fair to say, I did spend some time looking it up, and this is something Canada Post does handle, and while they handle it well, they don’t necessarily handle it in a timely fashion. A wrong postal code, but correct address can delay a package a couple of days, so I’m still hopeful that I’ll see something by the end of the week. As for the rest of my items .. I think it’s safe to say that they’ll be a little delayed.

And yes, my most recent purchase has the correct postal code, so hopefully I won’t see delays going further. Who knows though, maybe when I get home tonight, I’ll be pleasantly surprised!

~Cass Elle

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