One Size, Fits All!

“One Size, Fits All”. What does that even mean? In a world where we strive and yearn for an acceptance and celebration of the body, and positive imagery, it’s hard to imagine something like “one size, fits all” making the cut. I’ve actually been a little shocked at how many items fall into this category on wish, and not just some of the more generic items that I’ve purchased.

Like all women though, these is some immediate panic behind the words ‘one size, fits all’. It could be too small, or too big. The shape could be all wrong, or things like arm holes aren’t quite right, and pinch. Let’s not even get into body suits, and all the hilarity that ensues from being ‘one size’. These items, luckily, shouldn’t have too much hilarity with their arrival.

Item #1: Enchanting Women’s Vintage Sexy Stockings Pantyhose Mock over the Knee Double Stripe Sheer Tights EAS (Size: One Size)


What is it: They’re pantyhose. Black pantyhose, with an interesting look to them. They are one size fits all.

What I notice: These are really a novelty pair of tights. I really like the look to them, I’ve always really liked the tights and knee high socks look. I do work in an office, so new tights and pantyhose are always something I need more of. I have a few pairs of novelty pairs which make the day fun, so hopefully these will add to that.
However, as a woman who grew up playing hockey and dancing, ‘one size fits all’ in something designed for my legs is a little daunting. The people who loved them though, really loved them, quality and fit, but those who weren’t happy, were unhappy with the fit. Realistically, judging by the photos, I’ll be fine, but that one model .. again .. so delicate ..

Hopes and dreams: Nice tights are hard to find, and sometimes, even breaking the bank on a pair will still end with runs within fifteen seconds of walking out of the house. If they fit, and I get one good wear, I’ll be ecstatic.

Order total: $3 + shipping

Order date: March 10th, 2017

Expected arrival: April 7th, 2017


Item #2: 1PC Titanium G23 Labret Tragus Cartilage Nose Septum Pircing Body Pircing Jewelry Hinged Segment Ring Clicker,16gauge or 14gauge

What is it: These are basic hoops, which I ordered for my nose/nostril piercing, not to be confused with a ‘pircing’. I ordered two, one in rose gold and one in black.

What I notice: The hinged opening excites me. My ring is constantly getting stuck on things, or mis-formed from being opened and shut when I take it out. I’ve also really needed a new nose ring for a while, but I’ve been having trouble finding a black ring. There is nothing in the posting for size comparison, which makes me a little nervous. I know what those numbers mean, but I don’t necessarily trust what I’m seeing just yet. I ordered the smaller size to be safe. 

Hopes and dreams: Quite a few of the reviews say the ring is too thick for nostril piercings, but I think most people are just pansies. While I’m used to a relatively small ring, provided it doesn’t look clunky on my face, I’ll be happy to have a black ring that hinges shut.
I’m also excited for the rose gold, though I anticipate it being more brassy than rose gold. Regardless, it’ll be nice to have a little variety when I want it, and I have to mentioned again the convenience of hinged openings. The ring will keep the shape of a circle and be fully shut. It’s safe to say my expectations are very high here.

Order total: $6 + shipping (for both)

Order date: March 2nd, 2017

Expected arrival: March 30th, 2017


Item #3: New Sexy Women Cut Out White Bra Bustier Crop Top Bralette Strappy Crochet Cropped Blusas Bandage Halter Tank Tops Camisole

What is it: This is a bra of sorts, with fun straps/cut outs. This to is one size fits all, and I got it in black.

What I notice: This will be super cute under low cut tops, or tops that have deep plunges, which are abundant in my wardrobe. I don’t possess the endowment of my counterpart, Curvy Girl, but I do have a good set on me. This ‘bra’ does look like it will be enough to hold me in, and give me some cute lines, rather than a typical camisole top under button downs that inevitably pop open. The material looks like it will have enough stretch and breathing room, but I am concern to what kind of support it’s going to offer. 

Hopes and dreams: I’m not expecting it to be a ‘bralet’ on me, or some cute Ariana Grande piece. This will crop like a sports bra, and from the looks of the photos and the description, it will also feel like a sports bra. If it holds me down like a sports bra as well, that is also a plus in my books. I have enough sexy pieces in my wardrobe that something with a cute cut that makes me feel comfortable in a barely buttoned oxford will make me very happy.

Order total: $2 + shipping

Order date: March 10th, 2017

Expected arrival: April 7th, 2017


Again, I’m breaking the bank, at this purchase post totally $11 + shipping. I might have absolutely no self control when it comes to ordering, but at least I can be frugal!
Sadly, as of today, I am still without an arrival. Still hopefuly by a parcel by the end of the week!

~Cass Elle


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