Hi, my name is Cass Elle.

Hi, my name is Cass Elle, and I have a problem with self control. Despite making promises that I wouldn’t order anything beyond my initial two orders (four items total in my defence!) until something arrived, I currently have eleven items in transit.

I apologize for nothing.

The items below are from two different orders, totalling $20cad +shipping, which makes me look cheap. If I wasn’t cheap, I would have gone to Dynamite, or even BeBe for these items, and we wouldn’t be here on this journey together.

Item #1: Womens Black Sexy Irregular Long Sleeve Party Dresses


What is it: A sexy, but basic bodycon styled dress. I ordered a medium in black. 

What I notice: This is the kind of material that goes either way. It can be sleek and shiny and soft and lovely, and be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Or, it can be cheap and thin and see through, and pill if you run your winter dry hands over it. Regardless, this is a piece that can be worn once, provided the cut is good.

Hopes and dreams: This has a glorious mix of reviews, some people absolutely LOVE the dress, others are incredibly disappointed. The upset people seem to feel it’s cheap, or feels like t-shirt material. The description says cotton, so .. I’m expecting it to feel like a t-shirt.
I have a few bodycon dresses in my wardrobe, but really, you can never have enough pieces that you feel confident and sexy in, while feeling like you’re wearing pyjamas. I think regardless of quality, provided it fits (I’m normally a small so I’m crossing fingers on sizing up once being enough based on reviews), this will get a lot of wear from me. If the quality is good, and the slit sits in a modest place, I could even get away with this at work, which would be a bonus.

Order total: $14 +shipping 

Order date: March 2nd 2017

Expected arrival: April 13th 2017

Item #2: Sexy Women Formal Lace Stretch High Waist Short Bodycon Mini Skirt Pencil Dress


What is it: Bodycon skirt, with lace edging. I ordered a medium in purple.

What I notice: The model is wearing this skirt high on the waist, which leads me to believe this is pencil length, not mini/short. Again, it’s bodycon, so it’s described as a cotton blend, so it will feel like a t-shirt, leaving me at risk of a see through skirt.
As a seamstress, I do have concerns with material blending. Unless it’s a lace with stretch, this could be a very constricting piece, and may require alterations on my part to be worn comfortably.

Hopes and dreams:  I just don’t want to have to alter it. I’d be okay if it’s a little see through, slips are a long forgotten but necessary article in a woman’s wardrobe, but I hate buying something, to need to alter it.
I’d also like it to fit. I ordered a medium, but my figure is bottom heavy, and depending on how things are cut, my size can change dramatically. Being bodycon, and stretchy, I’m hopeful, but I could also accidentally looking like a sausage.

If this skirt is even a quarter of what I’m hoping, I will be ordering the other two colours, and possible doubling up due to the price. When you find a good piece, you cling to it.

Order total: $4 + shipping

Order date: February 26th 2017

Expected arrival: March 26th 2017

Item #3: 2017 Summer Lady Seamless Safety Shorts Leggings Pants Free Size

What is it: Spanx. Or at least that’s what I call them. ‘Safety Shorts’ sounds hilarious, but it’s honest. I wear a lot of short skirts and dresses, but I’m a tomboy at heart, and I’m not the most lady like. These are a staple in my wardrobe because they help contain my dignity (sometimes). I ordered a medium in the black.

What I notice: How delicate the model is. I’ve done athletics all my life, and even as a child I don’t think I had legs like that. Is it photoshop? Should we call someone for a dietary intervention? WILL THESE SHORTS MAKE MY THIGHS LOOK LIKE THAT?
The material seems really high quality, which is hard to tell on the black shorts. They’re ‘viscose’, or rayon, which could mean they’re shiny and lovely. I will need to be conscious of the fact that rayon is not always breathable, possibly making these my short choice under items in the colder months.

Hopes and dreams: That they cover enough. They look like they have decent coverage, but I’ll go back to the delicate model. I might be a size 2, but I’m not delicate. If they don’t cover more than a pair of boy short underwear, they are not useful for their intended purpose, which would be a shame. Again though, if these live up to my expectations, I’ll will buy the other colours, and double or triple up. Good comfortable shorts can be hard to come buy, and terribly expensive for their purpose.

Order total: $2 + shipping

Order date: February 26th 2017

Expected arrival: March 25th 2017


I am painfully optimistic about these items, and despite how many items I have ordered, two of these will arriving first among my list of eleven. Hopefully by next week I’ll have some good news!

~Cass Elle.

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